“Together we Experience, Reflect, Renew, Engage, Inform, Develop, Embrace and Improve”

 As a studio it’s important we remember why we are Architects and Planners. Why did we choose our vocation and why did we create 3BM Studio?

On an everyday level in practice, it is easy to forget what we are trying to achieve in the world of Architecture and Society. We are in a fast-paced world which wants instant results and we are often too busy to take a step back and review what we are doing. What have we achieved and what do we want to achieve. Therefore, it’s important to us to have ‘Studio Friday’ to ask these questions and reflect.

 It’s a time every month we come together as a team to remind ourselves of our true values as people within our industry. Experiencing others work both within Architecture and beyond, sharing ideas and experiences and putting forward new ideas to help us improve as individuals and as a practice.

By doing this we evolve, our practice evolves, our designs evolve. Never stop learning, always listening, being flexible and sharing our creativity to create something special. That’s who we are……..

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